At Mountain West GolfScapes, we treat each landscape project as a work of art. We lend our skilled landscape specialists to create fluid outdoor vistas that incorporate the natural beauty of the surrounding area while still focusing on functionality. Our landscapes compliment the purpose for which it serves. From sporting fields to parks, we construct landscapes that are sustainable through the wear and tear of everyday life.

Aside from our landscaping and construction services, we provide maintenance services to ensure your golf course or sports field stays flawless through each game. Our personal resources are plentiful to take on any sized project with great ease and professionalism.

Let Mountain West GolfScape oversee your next landscape project. Below are the specialty services that we offer.

Golf Courses

Our golf courses are constructed to blend in with its natural surroundings, for a golfing experience that is authentic. We implement natural elements that are native and sustainable to compliment each fairway. From the greens to the hazards, there is great precision that goes into the build, and care of every golf course. Our experienced golf course staff will carefully craft out each project with attention to every detail.

From existing golf courses to new constructions, we will build a golf course that is both functional and beautiful to look at.

Sports Fields

At Mountain West GolfScapes, we believe that the construction of a sports field is fundamental to the overall experience of the sporting event. A well built and maintained field will provide players a safe surface to compete on while also giving spectators a satisfying experience.

It is vital that a sports field be maintained year-round, even when not in use. Our professional team will properly care for the field to maintain its consistency and look. From mowing to irrigation, each new game will begin with a freshened landscape for an exceptional experience you can count on.

Through our sports field construction and management services, we will ensure that your sports field is built thoughtfully and maintained properly.

Parks & Recreation

Visiting a park or recreational space should be a pleasant experience from the moment you enter. Through our park landscape services, we will deliver an outdoor space that any community would be proud of.

From the hedges to the walkways, every aspect of our parks are carefully planned and preserved our through our custom landscaping and maintenance services. No matter the size, our park landscapes have a natural appeal in order to create the perfect environment for guests to enjoy.

Landscape Construction

At Mountain West GolfScapes, we take the very best natural resources each region has to offer and place it within our custom work. From xeriscape rock work to lush wildflowers, our landscapes fit right into their natural surroundings.

When it comes to maintaining your landscape, leave it to the professionals who installed it to properly care and sustain it. We offer thorough maintenance plans to keep your landscape looking clean and fresh no matter the time of year.

Golf Course & Sports Turf Management

From artificial turf to freshly grown grass, the grooming of sporting fields can be a daunting task. There is a science behind each precise mowing technique that creates a consistent grass playing field for athletes.

Our skilled turf management team has been trained to execute the unique precision of maintaining a variety of sporting fields. We will make sure that your field is free from wild grass, as well as clumps and other debris so your playing field is always safe and dependable.

Irrigation / Drainage

At Mountain West GolfScapes, we design and install irrigation systems that provide the right amount of water to your grass, plants, and trees so that they may flourish. A sufficient water and drainage syste4m from our expert team will not only keep your foliage looking green and healthy, but help avoid water wastage that hurts the environment and community.

From timed drip systems to sprinklers, leave all the watering to our latest irrigation technology. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy your landscape.